Large CO2 fire extinguishers in a power plantFire Suppression Systems

At Absolute Fire Protection, we understand fire suppression methods and utilize our understanding to develop innovative methods tailored to your needs. Our inspections are designed to figure out the most effective method of providing fire suppression to your building and do so in a timely and efficient manner.


Chemical Fire Suppression

Automatic suppression systems are one of the most effective methods of combating fires. Revolutionary new technology makes these chemical systems far more useful in a number of different cases and allows for use in even the most cramped of situations. They are ideal for places where there may be the chance of an electrical fire. The sensors in the systems installed by Absolute Fire Protection are specifically calibrated to act at the optimal moment to suppress the fire. We believe in protecting the environment, so all the chemical suppressants we use are environmentally friendly. Companies that deal with safety can have the safety of the environment among their list of priorities. Our fire suppression systems consist of chemicals that are fast acting and easy to use. These come in two varieties:


Fire extinguishersCO2 Suppression Systems

  • Designed to work in almost any situation
  • Rapid smothering of the fire
  • Green: does not pollute the environment
  • Great for places where electrical and electronic systems are stored
  • Can deal with blazes and conflagrations from most fuel types


FM200 Suppression Systems

  • Rapid effect on the fire
  • Safe for use in close quarters with humans
  • Low impact on the environment
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Simple storage since it doesn’t take up much space


These systems are designed and installed by Absolute Fire Protection to be the best in the industry. We stand by our fire suppression systems and are proud to present a cost effective and green solution in case of a fire. Our systems are made to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that all parts of the system are in proper working order. In the case of an emergency, our fire suppressant technology is a method that you can depend upon. As a company that puts the needs of its clients above all else, we know that you demand the best out of your fire suppression services. We  guarantee that our systems will work as promised.


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