Absolute Fire Protection:

Fire Alarm Systems in South Florida and Beyond!

Welcome to Absolute Fire Protection, a business with a 20-year track record of supporting safe and responsible client operations.home

Better protection from fires and accidents involves the right planning and the right tools: Absolute Fire Protection offers clients a comprehensive management of various building systems, safety protocols and more, to keep on top of regulatory requirements, attain industry standards and minimize risk..

We know that each customer’s needs are different, and we work with clients on a case by case basis, examining the business scope, industry and needs to work out a top-level fire protection plan. Our services involve the engineering and design of safety systems, along with project coordination and management. We handle installation of fire safety systems, maintaining regular inspection of those systems, along with routine repair and maintenance.

From CCTV systems to fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems and more, Absolute Fire Protection takes an active, knowledge-based approach to monitoring and maintaining what customers choose to put in place. We take on the process of ensuring that security protection and fire systems are fully operational and provide the best protection. Our trained and credentialed field staff work to oversee controls and systems, with a thorough knowledge of what the biggest risks are, and what’s likely to need more careful monitoring over time.

Let us provide your company with peace of mind about safety infrastructure. We go ‘all in’ to help our clients with the actual details of what’s in place in commercial locations, using our experience and training in how safety designs work. Our products and services aim to take the concern about safety control, and all that it entails, out of the client’s hands, as an active and involved third party safety provider.